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Missed Connections

Missed Connections, an album based on found lyrics from Craigslist Missed Connections posts, is now available HERE in both digital download and a limited edition cassette.

Actual screengrabs of the posts can be viewed HERE.

Music &


All music can be found at the Small Signals Bandcamp page.

All videos can be found on the Small Signals YouTube channel.


No upcoming shows at this time.

other Musical Credits

Pleistocene :: Spear :: Drums, Guitar, Synth, Vox
Small Signals :: Where's My Love [Single] :: Vox, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Perc, Drums
Small Signals :: YOUR BULGE [Single] :: Vox, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Perc, Drums
Small Signals :: Seasonal Depression [Single]:: Vox, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Perc, Drums
TLoSRG :: Walking Pneumonia (Fuck Everyone) :: Drums, Vox, Guitar
Pleistocene :: Space Trap EP :: Drums, Guitar, Synth, Vox
Williams Shift :: We Were Wonderers :: Drums, Perc, Arr, Vox, Guitar, Bass, Synths
Talking Under Water :: Ether EP :: Drums, Perc, Vox
Pleistocene :: Green Hearts [Single] :: Drums, Perc, Vocals
Small Signals :: The Aimless EP :: Vox, Guitar, Synth, Bass, Perc, Drums
Talking Under Water :: Tossing & Turning EP :: Drums, Perc, Vox
Revengineers :: 8-static EP :: Drums
Routine Involvements :: Future Days :: Vo
Pleistocene :: Ontario Girls :: Drums, Vox
Rochester Chip Fest 2013 :: Live Compilation Album :: Drums for Revengineers
League :: Reunion Show :: Drums, Vox
Declan Ryan :: Introducing Close Calls :: Drums, Vox, Organ
Rochester Chip Fest 2012 :: Live Compilation Album :: Drums for Revengineers
Kitty Snowpants :: The Road, Rubber, and Moon :: Drums, Perc, Guitar, Vox, Bass
Revengineers :: EP :: Drums, Perc, Guitar, Vox
SUNY Fredonia Wind Ensemble :: Commissions  & Concerto  :: Timpani
Matthew Dorrien :: Always Winter :: Drums, Perc, Arrangement
Small Signals :: Greetings from Parlor City :: Drums, Vox, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Banjo
Saxon Shore :: It Doesn’t Matter :: Drums, Perc, String Arr, Vibes, Tympani, Celeste
Saxon Shore :: The Exquisite Death Of Saxon Shore :: Drums, Perc, Vox
League :: League :: Drums, Perc, Vox, Piano
League :: League/Kathleen In Flight EP :: Drums, Vox